Friday, 24 January 2014

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Pregnancy

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Hey Everyone,
This is a TAG from youtube! But I loved watching a few different videos so I thought I would bring it to the Blogging world!
I basically have to write what I thought, the good, bad and ugly parts of my pregnancy were, and because everyone's pregnancy is different it makes it a fun TAG. Now before I start, I want to point out, I didn't enjoy my pregnancy that much. It was just a long waiting game until I got to meet my precious little girl.

[My favourite pregnancy picture - Huge belly and a funny face! Oh and my doggy Slinky]

The Good

  • Baby's Heartbeat - This was one of my favourite things about my pregnancy, hearing that little heart beat for the first time! I recorded it on my phone too so I could listen to it whenever I wanted too.
  • Movements - I loved feeling Miley move, it meant that she was ok and as I suffered with maternal axiety this helped reassure me.
  • Decorating the Nursery - I loved choosing everything for the nursery and organising all of the baby things.

The Bad

  • NO SLEEP - I barely slept during my entire pregnancy
  • Maternal Anxiety - I am not an anxious person, but something changed when I got pregnant. I worried about everything and anything, this eventually led to me having a sweep early.
  • Putting on weight - I put 2 stone on during my pregnancy and I am now finding it hard to lose again :(

The Ugly

  • HEARTBURN - I hate heartburn with a passion, I suffered so bad from it. I was like a Rennie Junkie by the end of my pregnancy. The burning in your throat and chest is horrendous, but my little girl was born with a full head of hair!
  • Hormones - Oh dear! I have no idea how my husband put up with me, I cried when I was hungry, I cried when I was full, I cried when I was tired. It was like I had been turned back into a baby. The worst was when I demanded pizza for tea then cried because I didn't want it. Hormones make you crazy!

So they are my experiences of pregnancy and now I tag you!- anyone who is reading, but if you do the TAG make sure you leave me a comment so I can go read! :)

See you soon!



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