Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Crafty Wednesday || Chinese New Year Dragon

Posted by Lauren. LifeofMiley-x at 4:32 pm
Hi everyone,

I am going to be doing a series called "Crafty Wednesdays" and each Wednesday I will post a diffferent craft that myself and Miley have made. As my little girl is only 3 months old, most of the crafts involve handprints or footprints.

This weeks crafty wednesday is a Chinese Dragon, in preparation for Chinese New Year. Although we don't celebrate Chinese New Year there are lots of fun and cute crafts to make!

To do this craft you need:- Paper; Dragon Template; Paint; Little Feet/Hands; scissors and glue.

I use Morrisons Easy Painters - these are painters that come in pen form. I find them easy to use with Miley, or else paint goes everywhere!
We are using red and green paints but you can chose any! Miley won't have her hands painted so we use her little feet. I painted her feet, one foot green, the other red.
I then got the dragon template and pressed it onto her feet, encouraging her to kick. When she had finished kicking the dragon head was covered in paint!

(Dragon template available from Sparklebox)

 Then cut out the footprints and the dragon's head and glue it to a piece of paper forming a dragon! The more colours you use, the brighter and better it will look.

Happy crafting :)

See you soon xx


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