Thursday, 16 January 2014

My Top 10 Favourite Bloggers

Posted by Lauren. LifeofMiley-x at 7:55 pm
Hey Everyone, 
I thought I would write a post about my favourite bloggers, I love to read new blogs and some I instantly get addicted to.

So in no particular order...

  1. Dolly Dowsie (Fiona) - I love this blog, Fiona puts in loads of effort and it really shows, I love her posts about her son and how she writes about how she is feeling. When she writes about her feelings, she is honest and you can tell it's exactly how she is feeling which makes it so easy to relate to.
  2. Little Pink Teacup (Clare) - I got hooked on this blog after reading Clare's post "Onesie Nation" I thought it was hilarious and so true. I am all for wearing onesies but I completely agree with Clare that they are PJs not an outfit :)
  3. Tanya Burr (Tanya) - I started watching Tanya's videos on Youtube and got hooked on her make up tutorials. I then saw she had a blog and was instantly clicking on the link to have a read and she definately didn't let me down! It's very professional looking and with really good mixed content!
  4. Sprinkle of Glitter (Louise) - Louise is addictive to watch on Youtube and also to read her blogs, she is so excitable and fun that you can't help but smile when reading her posts. Louise has mixed content so it is kind of a lucky dip of what you are going to get, but the good thing is that they are always great!
  5. Frugally Peachy (Emma) - This blog is a new discovery of mine but I love how unique Emma is. In the blogging world I have often found that everyone writes about the same things and adds their own little twist, but Emma has set herself a HUGE goal in my eyes - not to shop for clothes in a high street store for a year! - It will be great to see how she gets on throughout the year.
  6. Sparkles and Stretchmarks (Hayley) - A new one too! - I love how Hayley has progress pages for pregnancy and monthly updates for baby! A great mummy blog.
  7. Bump to Baby (Alex) Not only a great mummy blogger, but a great blog about love, home and family and the odd Cat post too! :)
  8. Momma of Mojo (Zara) - I love the honesty of this lady and at the moment I am on pregnancy watch, I read her updates and would just like to take this moment to wish her all the luck in the world for your labour! :) x
  9. Bride De Force (Hannah and Fleur) - I got hooked on this blog before I got married back in September 2012, I still have a good catch up on wedding trends to this day.
  10. To Become Mum (Kelly) - This blog has a lovely mixture between beauty and baby! I love Weaning Wednesdays. Totally hooked on reading Kelly's posts.

So they are my top 10, do you know of any blogs I might like? Please leave me a comment letting me know your favourite blogs!

See you soon xx


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