Wednesday, 8 January 2014


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Well today I went to town to just pick up Miley's christening dress... as I was walking through the shopping centre, a store caught my eye and I just couldn't walk past!
Yep, It's LUSH. 
So I thought I would treat myself to a few goodies and it ended up being more than a few... woops!

So here it goes...

I brought 2 of my favourite bath ballistics... The Butterball, these make my skin the SOFTEST I have ever felt it. Its a calm scent and not overpowering at all. Definitely worth stocking up on!

I wanted to try some different ones so I brought a selection! 

I have read many reviews on LUSH products and there are some bath ballistics that continuously crop up, so I decided to give them a try. 

The Sex Bomb - Now I am a sucker for a good smell and colour and according to Louise this is one of the best ballistics LUSH do. So I will try it out and see what I think of it. Its smells quite "florally" and has a relaxing scent to it. 

Think Pink - I loved the colour to this one... I absolutely loved the bright colour and the little flowers. Think Pink smells quite sweet and turns your bath Pink of course... so I can't wait to try this one out.

Dragons Egg - I picked this one up as it said on the board that it was "explosive" and I love to watch the ballistics fizz about in the bath! (Sad, I know!) It is just a plain white one, but it does have a few speckles of colour, so it will be interesting to see what colour the Dragon Egg turns the bath water.

I then picked up a bubble bar, now i'm not a huge fan of bubble bath. However, after reading so many great reviews on the bubble bars at lush, I thought I would give it a go. I chose the Dorothy Bubble Bar as it was quite small and brightly coloured, so if i didn't enjoy it, it wouldn't be a massive waste of money. It says on the packaging "a scent of ylang ylang and orange flower to tone and soothe" which sounds quite interesting. After having a baby, anything that will help to "tone" my flabby belly is very much welcomed! 

Whilst looking through every item in LUSH I decided to pick up one of the pre-gift wrapped sets for a family members birthday. I love the look of these sets and I particularly chose the "Buttercup" as it contains my favourite lush product the butterball, but it also contains a soap called Honey I washed the Kids.

So that's it for my LUSH haul, i'm now well equipped for my bath times but also I managed to reduce bank balance! Bitter-Sweet I think they call it.

That's all for now from me but please let me know your favourite buys from LUSH and let me know what you think if you have already tried some of the items I purchased.

See you soon!


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