Friday, 24 January 2014

#FamilyPhotoFriday || Week 1 - Daddy Climbing Frame and Pool Fun

Posted by Lauren. LifeofMiley-x at 7:42 am

Hey everyone! 
You may have seen my post on twitter about me joining in with #familyphotofriday well here it is. Unfortunately I am too indecisive to choose just one photo, so I added a few. 

On Sunday we went swimming and you can't take photos in the pool anymore but we did manage to get these snaps!

Miley has particularly enjoyed being lifted into the air or sitting in strange ways on her daddy! Anyone else's baby do this?

That's our #familyphotofriday click on the picture below to join in the fun!! 

See you soon 

Family Photo Friday @ Thursday's Child, Friday's Thoughts


Mama H said...

Love that first one, I'm a sucker for a snoozy baby!

Thanks for linking up with #familyphotofriday

Catriona Stephen said...

My baby likes to sit like that sometimes :)
Lovely pictures. The first one is so cute :)

Lauren. LifeofMiley-x said...

I've really enjoyed seeing everyones family photos! I'm glad she's not the only one!
Thank God the comments are working again too! :) x

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