Thursday, 23 January 2014

Ordinary Moments #1 -- [Early Mornings and Bibs]

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Hey Everyone,
I am loving these link posts at the moment and this one is a new favourite of mine. I think sometimes we take for granted the "ordinary moments" in our lives and only concentrate on the big fantastic moments, like your baby's first roll or where you have been that day/week.
So when I saw this post I wanted to join in and document some of the "ordinary moments" from our lives.

Ordinary Moments #1 -- [Early Mornings and Bibs]

In our family, this is a very ordinary moment. Miley sitting on our bed whilst we get ready for the day. She loves being able to sit up and see us and is strangely fascinated with watching me straighten my hair! [Better be careful when she gets moving around!]
Also note the bib! - Miley has to wear a bib almost all of the time. She dribbles all of the time. We must get through about 10 bibs a day! 

I love these early morning moments and it's become part of Miley's morning routine to sit and watch me and my husband get ready and laugh for no reason, usually chomping on her fists as she refuses a teether.

If you want to join in with the Ordinary moments posts, click on the picture below!

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