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Miley's Birth Story!

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Miley Hope's Birth Story!

So before I start, I just want to give a warning... This include too much information!

It all started on Wednesday 25th September 2013, I had been feeling off for a few days, but this morning in particular, I was swollen, had a headache and hadn't felt any movements from baby in a while. So I rang the MAU (which is the Maternity Assessment Unit for anyone who doesn't know) and they told me to go up for monitoring. This was a regular thing by now, as baby was pretty lazy somedays and I had maternal anxiety, the two mixed equals PANIC STATIONS. 
My dad took me to the MAU and we sat there whilst I was linked to the monitors for approx 2-3 hours. The doctor looked at the monitoring form and requested a scan. By this time my mum was on her way to the hospital, to swap with my dad. (My husband was at work during all of this). By the time my mum got to the hospital, I had been for my scan and was on my way to MAU again to find out the results. My dad sat in the waiting room as we all presumed that I would be sent home to wait longer. (I was 37weeks and 5days pregnant) 

I got taken into a side room and was told "Baby is doing ok, but due to your maternal anxiety we are willing to give you a sweep, but the probability of it working at 37 weeks is quite low." So I agreed, my mum waited outside of the room. From this moment I can only remember one thing... the midwife's face. She was about to give me a sweep and actually popped my waters with her finger! She went pale. I went pale. My mum was called back in. What was running through my head? "I'M GOING TO BE HAVING THIS BABY SOON!" and that was it, I panicked. The midwife went to tell the doctor as I broke the news to my mum. I was then told, that my body was clearly ready to have the baby as my waters broke with a slight brush against them, when usually they use a plastic hook thingy (Sorry for the technical term). I got sent home as my waters were clear and was booked in for an induction the following morning at 9am if I hadn't started contracting.

After a long walk back to the car, we drove home and I was repeatedly walking up and down the stairs. I was having this baby without induction. By 9.30pm I was fed up. Nothing was happening and i'm not the most patient person. So I went to bed.

I woke at 1.30am with pain, told my loving husband who replied "go back to sleep" so with no arguement I did?

I then woke again at 3.30am with major pain -- but had no idea that it could get worse than this. At this point Dan (Hubby) rang my parents, as my mum was my other birth partner. I was contracting every 4-5 minutes, so when I rang the hospital they told me I couldn't go in yet. So I continued to be in pain until approx 5.30am when I rung the hospital again and they told me I could go in. 

I got to the hospital at around 6.30am and was admitted onto MBC (Midwife Birthing Centre) where I had a internal and the midwife said the dreaded words "you're only 3cm, I woudn't class that as active labour yet" So I broke down, I cried to Dan saying it hurts! Not my favourite part of labour. I then did something that no-one ever believes, I slept through my contractions, waking occasionally. It all gets a bit blurry from there. I'm told that I had two paracetemol and demanded the Epidural, I was always against having it so my mum did the "are you sure it's what you want?" after saying "Yes, I can't do it without it" they arranged for me to be moved upstairs to the High Risk Ward as that's the only place you can have the epidural. On arrival to the new ward they give me Gas and Air. 

This next part I call "My new best friend"

Gas and Air- what a beautiful thing, all I remember is that I felt I had drunk my own body weight in alcohol. I was on top of the world. The morning doctor came around at 9.45am and said that they will come and do an internal at 1pm and see if I am ready for the epidural. By this point I didn't care about the epidural. At 10am I had the urge to push. My midwife "Sarah" said she would do an internal to see where we were at. I was fully dilated and was going to start pushing. Sarah hadn't even finished filling in my paperwork. I was told it usually takes about an hour to deliver a baby from the first push. At 10.18am Miley Hope was born weighing 6lb 2oz. I was in total shock, I couldn't believe how beautiful she was.

After Miley was delivered it all got a bit tense. Miley got passed over to Dan and my mum grabbed my hand. I had been oblivious to what was going on and I kind of still was at this point. I had the injection in my leg to deliver my placenta and the next thing I knew, Sarah was calling for a Doctor. The doctor and the sister came in and I was told my placenta was retained. Apparently on delivering my placenta the umbilical cord had snapped. 

After various doctors/sisters/midwives trying to remove my placenta I was told to sign the consent forms as I needed to go to theatre. I freaked. I cried and thought I was going to die. I had no idea what was going on but I could see the faces of the people around me. I signed the form and off I went. Dan still clutching to Miley and my mum looking very worried. 
I got taken to theatre and had my placenta, manually removed. (YES, it is as gross as it sounds)
I was taken to recovery where Dan and Miley met me.

After a night in the hospital I was allowed to return home, Thank God.

See you all soon

Lauren x


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