Sunday, 19 January 2014

Baby Haul || Mixed Items

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Hey everyone!

I decided to take Miley shopping to get some swimming items as we are going swimming for the first time this weekend and the usual random items too. So off we went and here is what we brought...

First we went to Mothercare UK...

I got this pink floral hooded towel and a matching baby tankini set! - Both of these items were half price! 
The bottoms of the tankini set are the padded absorbant kind (but we are going to double nappy Miley anyway with the Swim Pants.)
I brought this set of 3 t-shirts as we seem to have loads of jeans and skirts and cardigans but not many tops to go with them. These were just basic tops and were £9.99 but I had a discount voucher for 25% off, so i got them for approx £7.50 :)
If you follow my twitter, you will know Miley is teething like crazy at the moment, so when I walked past these dummy type teethers, I HAD to get them! These were again £4.29 but with the 25% off, only £3.23.
The last thing I picked up from Mothercare was this Baby's first sippy cup. I have been looking for a sippy cup type bottle for a few days, as Miley is trying to hold her bottles now but struggling due to there being no handles. But I saw this and it is a free-flow bottle but it has a really small hole in the spout. But with supervision i'm sure she will be fine :)

Then I went to Boots...

Bickiepegs - Now my mum had been telling me since Miley started teething about these. I looked everywhere for them, even online and couldn't get them anywhere. I walked into Boots and they were there. It does say 6m+ and I won't be giving them to her until then, but as they are so hard to find and Boots didn't have many, I thought I would get them now as the use by date is ages away.

Whilst in Mothercare, a lady told me about these mats and said they always use theirs' and then told me they were cheaper in boots! So i went ahead and got one, it is a padded mat for changing baby/child at swimming. I thought this would be handy as our local swimming facilities aren't the best. It folds out to make a mat and then easily folds back into the bag and it is Non-Slip too. (I will let you all know how useful it was after we go swimming).

Then last but not least, I picked up a few clothes for Miley, they were mostly half price and only basics really. 

So thats it for my mini haul. Have you brought anything you particularly loved or was a bargain recently? Have you ever had an experience of the Little Swimmers Hygiene Mat?

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See you soon 


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