Tuesday, 31 December 2013

What a Year!

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Saying Goodbye to 2013

I am sitting here contemplating whether this year has been good or bad? Well my answer is BOTH... Our year has been very rollercoaster-ish! (if that's even a word) I wanted to share some of our 2013 memories with you, so here it goes....


It was cold, cold and cold. England is always cold, even in summer it's cold. But at the same time we decided to start renovating our house... hmm... what a good idea... NOT. 
The renovations began, builders were treating the house for damp; knocking walls down; building new walls etc. We continuously asked eachother... "Is january over yet?"


PANCAKE DAY (12th February) - My husband could finally eat as many pancakes as he would like without being judged! - I had been feeling off for a few days, I just thought I was overtired, but something in my mind told me that I needed to do a pregnancy test.... Well I did and the 12th February was the day we found out we were expecting MOO :)!! We were over-the-moon! I spent the rest of february with my head down the toilet, whilst the family celebrated the news... definately a bitter-sweet moment.


March is always a busy one in our family, as most of my husbands family's birthdays are in March. We spent most of the month eating cake and spending time with family! 


April brought some sad news to us, my grandfather-in-law passed away. This threw us into an emotional spiral, which was hard to break out of. My husband was very close to his grandad and he will always be loved and missed. We made the promise to eachother and our family that we would share the memories with our baby.

May, June, July and August

Well the year goes before you know it, these months just flew right on by...
We had finished the house renovations and were just waiting around for our baby to arrive! (sounds so casual... trust me it wasn't)


My favourite memory of the whole year... on the 26th September 2013 @10.18am, our beautiful baby girl was born... weighing only 6lb2oz, the perfect little bundle of joy. We named her "Miley Hope" and from that moment...



Well time flew, our gorgeous little girl, was happy healthy and sleeping well. We hadn't got a complain in the world. We were the perfect little family... :)


There are 2 words to describe my whole feelings about november and these are "HELLO COLIC" now for any other parent who has had the pleasure of a colic-y baby they will probably be thinking... OH NO!
Well yes... "OH NO!" the nights got longer, our baby girl was screeching all night... and daddy was struggling to function at work. I nearly lost my mind, but then a magic medicine came along "Colief Drops" I read review after review on these drops... most saying... doesn't work. Well for us they did, our precious baby girl slept again, it was silent at night time. 


Well december has been one of those months that has gone in a blink of an eye. But we have had an amazing christmas with family and enjoyed moments like... Miley's first roll at 11 weeks old; Big Smiles; My first ever attempt at christmas dinner and of course the mountain of presents that santa has brought for our little girl.

So that's our year... highs and lows... but one thing still remains, our love for eachother and family. Our world only got better when our daughter came along and that is why I will NEVER forget this year. Definately one to remember.

What memories have you got from 2013? Has it been a good year for you?

See you in the New Year!

Buh Bye xxx


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