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December Favourites -xo

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Hi Everyone!

I am going to be writing a blog each month about my favourite items that I have used or brought this month. It will be a range of products, from baby to beauty and even home. Most of my December favourites are from christmas, I must admit.

My MONTHLY STAR has to be an item we brought for our baby girl and in the blog world i'm going to refer to her as "moo". (This is a nickname that our family already use). Anyway, It is a beautiful 3-in-1 sit me up bear. Moo is continuously wanting to be propped up to see everything around her or even being held up to a standing position *don't worry, we don't let her put pressure on her legs* We looked for something to help her do this whilst also being fun. After much deliberation, we decided on the...

 "Mothercare Loved So Much Sit Me Up Cosy" 

After being used for a few days, it starts to deflate, but it is easy to blow up again and don't have to continuously blow it up before every use.

We paid £39.99 for this bear from Mothercare (As far as I am aware, this is only available in the UK) and she LOVES it, it converts from a sitting aid, to a cozy nest and can also be used as a playmat. (We don't use the playmat alone as we have a matching playmat with the toy arches.)
It is excellent quality, really soft and baby friendly, with no plastic hard bits. The sit me up bear is actually inflatable so it is quite flexible to the baby but still sturdy. However, it should come with warning about the amount of air needed to blow it up. Me and my husband took one part each and struggled to blow it up *forward thinking would have told us to use a pump, we always seem to do things the hard way*

The next one is a bit of a "man" gift. My husband got this item as a gift, it was the...
"Spuddy Buddy Couch Potato"  

I am unaware of how much our family paid for this gift but on Amazon they range from £10-20 and are available in a few different colours. This gift was mainly brought because of the name. (I have always called my husband "SPUD" I don't know why, it happened one day and got stuck.) After the initial laughing about the name of the gift etc. we realised it was a very useful gift. It is a soft toy that sits on the sofa and has storage pockets for items such as "beer", "munchies" and "remote", it also has a hand warming pocket on the front. My husband loves this gift and for the price, it is a really good gift for that "hard to buy guy" in your life.


If you are a candle lover like I am, then you are sure to love these little treats...
"Wax Lyrical Candle Tins" 

I brought ours from the local Tesco, however you can buy them online at  
In tesco they range from £4.00 to £11.00 depending on the size of the candle, the little candle tins I brought were £4.00 each. At the time, I remember thinking, are they worth £4.00, they are in tins so not the most beautiful of item, they aren't very big etc. This deliberation went on for a while, I then picked up a candle and opened the tin. It was then I knew I had to buy this candle! The scents are DIVINE, I brought two different scents, "Let it Snow" and "Gingerbread Man". When i lit them for the first time, I must admit I wasn't expecting much, but OH I was wrong. The scent filled the room, and when we had guests the first thing they said was "it smells nice in here!". I liked these little candle tins so much, I went and purchased a couple more and also some for my mum -- Also a candle lover! - My mum was equally happy with them!


I absolutely HATE being cold and after watching Zoella's Vlogmas (I will put the link to her youtube/blog at the end of the post) I noticed her Fleecy PJ Bottoms... I NEEDED SOME OF THESE. I went on the hunt for them at Primark -- I always find it really difficult to find anything in Primark due to the large amount of people in there. Eventually I came across these beauties...

They are £6.00 each and they are the warmest PJ Bottoms I have ever worn. They were mainly available in christmas designs, however, I don't really care as long as I am warm. :)

Last but not least, I have loved LUSH's Snowman Bath Ballistics this month. I brought a couple as I have really dry skin and it said "moisturising ballistic" so I thought, why not!?! *and it's festive* 

The first time I used this particular bath bomb I wasn't sure what to expect apart from a lovely smelling bath. I got in the bath and it felt really calming and after my long soak, my skin was beautifully moisturised and will be sure to use this one again. I went and stocked up as they won't be on sale for much longer. But the alternative is the Lush ButterBall in Vanilla. (I won't go into too much detail as I will soon be doing a review on some LUSH products)


So there are some of my december favourites...What are your favourites from the month? Did you buy/recieve anything you REALLY love?!?

Buh-Bye! :)

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